When Your Family is on TV

Don't laugh, but watching The Brady Bunch as a kid offered one of my first insights that there might be something wrong with my family. You see, in spite of all the Marsha envy and Peter ruining the song with his pubescent voice, they actually seemed to like each other. They talked to each other. … Continue reading When Your Family is on TV

A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, Trust your instincts. Your frustrations are proof that something is wrong. The knot of anxiety in your stomach is not normal. You should not have to dread going home. You should not have to live a life surrounded by their walls of negativity. You should not have to worry what kind of … Continue reading A Letter to my Younger Self

The Broken Projector

One of the most frustrating aspects of overcoming abuse is freeing oneself from the projections of an abuser. Abusive people by nature do not take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors, and victims of abuse often have an overdeveloped sense of misplaced guilt and shame. Abusers blame everyone but themselves for being out of … Continue reading The Broken Projector

Scapegoat and Golden Child: A Melodrama

Act I One could do no right; One could do no wrong. Mom assigned the roles; Dad agreed on parts. They both knew their lines; Angel and Demon. Triangled siblings; equidistant truth. Act II Angel goes on stage; plays to the rapt house. Flowers, cheers, and praise; 'Bravo! Well done, child.' Demon goes on next; … Continue reading Scapegoat and Golden Child: A Melodrama

The Power of Resilience

Psst. I have a superpower. And maybe you do, too. There are many long term, far-reaching, negative effects that children of toxic parents endure, from physical health problems to emotional and social issues. Children of emotionally abusive parents often have the hardest recovery because it is so difficult to de-program all the negative feedback they … Continue reading The Power of Resilience

Absolutes and Gray Areas

I am naturally inclined to look at a topic from every angle in order to find the truth in it. Empathy and understanding have always been strengths, most likely developed out of a need to survive my toxic, abusive, narcissistic parents. I've always wondered why some people have such a hard time seeing other points … Continue reading Absolutes and Gray Areas